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  • 01.12.2018
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Women laugh at naked man

"Skip to 7:30 for the threesome"

My husband and I were one of the few couples that actually waited until marriage to be romantic. Coming from old-fashioned morals, we never even saw each other naked until that special night. It was quite a treat as I had never seen the sight of any naked man in person. Sure, I saw plenty of photos, but those photo shopped pictures women laugh at naked man told the true story. He came out of the bathroom and stood before me with a robe on. I waited my whole life to see this?

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Teramar | 05.12.2018
Thank you thats truly sweet! you guys are the best!
Mezisida | 07.12.2018
Fuck ya! That was greatttt!
Meztishicage | 17.12.2018
Fucking normies and your iFunny BULLSHIT)))

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