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Line the bottom of the chasm

"Thanks for the movie, it was a supah view and lots of joy"

It is an immensely powerful and bitter poem. It is full of a sense of infringement, violation, and injury; it is also resigned. One of the morosely-colored "crow-blue" mussels "keeps adjusting the ash heaps" on which it lies by opening and shutting itself; it is not a happy animal expression. The shell moves "like an injured fan. The sea grows old in it. The accident is lack. The chasm side is permanently mutilated line the bottom of the chasm abused by some mysterious unpurposeful purposefulness of nature.

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Doramar | 09.12.2018
Hmm. Graphics are good, but story is minimal. I give this 2/5 dicks.
Mazugami | 14.12.2018
I always skip too the switch sides cowgirl scene,to see if she,s good at it. So far the best I've seen are Little Capri, Bailey Brooks Alex Grey. Those ladies know how to lean back get every inch they can. Gotta love em.
Kaganos | 18.12.2018
She's got abilities
Line the bottom of the chasm
Line the bottom of the chasm
Line the bottom of the chasm

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