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Teen blogs babies parents

"perhaps their school is called CHEER, don't judge so quick my friend"

These awards are meant to highlight and honor awesome, talented teen blogs babies parents who manage to balance both and do an excellent job in the process! A hilarious parenting blog, Pregnant Chicken has had me cracking up time after time. Amy Morrison is one of the wittiest parenting bloggers out there, and she gives a much-needed teen blogs babies parents take on pregnancy and those first few years with your new little roommates. And she dives into the not-so-pleasant aspects of pregnancy and motherhood, tackling subjects like postpartum depression and morning sickness. But with a lighthearted twist. Scary Mommy was started in by Jill Smokler, and quickly evolved from a personal blog about her days as a stay-at-home mom, to a massive community and media site.
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Teen blogs babies parents
Teen blogs babies parents

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