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Hogwarts under a sex spell

"well i had a women who squirt that way even few man so go to school"

I am also under the same spell as @ProfessorRiverSong! Haha. And thanks for the wonderful information! I had to cast a spell on myself to obtain another spell. lol. //Not under the spell anymore! Edited by keirakane Edited by keirakane. Does Hogwarts prohibit or even prevent its students from engaging in underage sex? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 23 Answers. I don't think wizarding teachers would be very impressed by the argument that under-age sex is harmless because wizards have effective contraception. They would be well aware of the social and psychological problems. Under Our Spell Back to hogwarts FINALLY. lovekeeper. Aria pov Christmas break is over and I'm finally going back to Hogwarts. as i sat down in the train, Draco and Blaise bursted in the compartment. "hi" i said casually. they both sat down "hey" they replied. "Aria, i know you hate the daily prophet but you have to read this" said Blaise.

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Zolotilar | 08.12.2018
Holy shit, what a figure!
Kajirr | 13.12.2018
i see it very first
Hogwarts under a sex spell
Hogwarts under a sex spell

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