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Welcome again in the new post ! I will talk today about cheats and hacks for Animal Jam. Firstly I will tell you about hack tools. I don’t recommend to use any hack tool from web, the reason is simple – they aren’t safe. I know that this is method for people who need quickly get more diamonds and gems but I promise you that there is available other – much better methods. Hacks also is easy to detect by AJ support then your account will be blocked because of breaking the rules of the game. If you want to see how to get more money in the game or items without any aj hacks then read more below.animal jam diamonds

cheats for animal jam

As in the title above, animal jam cheats – this is the best way for you. You just can use promo code to generate tons of gems and diamonds within a couple of minutes or even seconds. There is available dozens unique codes that allows you to get between 50 and 5000+ diamonds or gems. I know many animal jam diamond codes which you can use everyday in your game. There is also available online tool which you can use to scrape every available code for this game. This way you can quickly add a lot of money or just get rare items.


Soon I will publish article about aj codes and tutorial how to use online code generator. I am sure that you will really excited because this method is easy and safe, you don’t need to install any app or enter your passwords. This tool generate all the animal jam code from the game.

That’s all from me today about animal jam cheats, I share with you video from youtube where people show how powerful aj codes are and how it is easy to use them.

Have good day !
Animal Jam: How to Get Free Diamonds! – video 1

Animal Jam – Cheats for winning Sky High?! – video 2

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